Sewer Cinema: Three Days of the Coffey, or Armageddon

Posted: March 15, 2010 by NewAlbanist in Uncategorized

Here we are just 74 hours away from a final vote on the establishment of a six-year sewer rate regime and not one viable amendment to the sewer board recommendation has been put forward.

This is the best evidence we have that Dan Coffey, Steve Price, Pat McLaughlin, and Jeff Gahan were never serious about finding, much less offering, any alternatives to what has become, quite simply, a mandatory and permanent fix to the enormous deficits built up by the New Albany’s municipal wastewater utility.

These 4 are just drama queens seeking the limelight, posturing as champions of “the people” while standing ready to risk the people’s $250 million sewer utility.

I’ll say it again: a city’s municipal utility is not the city. It must stand on its own, paying its expenses from its revenues. Taxpayer money does not qualify as revenues. Taxpayers ought not be paying part of the bills for ratepayers, if only because not all ratepayers are taxpayers to the city.

A serious council member would have, by now, presented an alternative to the ordinance up Thursday for second and third reading.

A demagogue would rant and wail about fanciful ways to prevent an increase in rates and then fail to present a single way to prevent them. A demagogue would deny that there is a deficit and default.

So here we are, 73 hours away from Armageddon. With no alternatives being presented, the council will either pass the rate schedule or vote it down. If they vote it down, the consequences will be severe. Remember you read it here.

And, oh yeah. I forgot to mention. At last report, only 8 members will be present for the vote, meaning that the four council members listed above, if they again vote to reject the board recommendation, will bear ALL responsibility for those consequences. A 4-4 vote does not constitute approval.

Dim the lights, open the curtain, and turn off your cell phones. Will the Third Floor Assembly Room offer us riveting suspense or torturous destruction?

  1. Thank you for this, good work.

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